Flash&Backup 3.0.9:

Fixed bug with "Read data" button.

New versions of tools released:

Flash&Backup 3.0.8 - it is now a freeware!

Funlight Editor 2.2.8 - L7e support added.


Do you have problems with downloading photos from your Motorola phone to PC? Do you find the standard software too difficult for uploading new ringtones and pictures?

Use "M-Explorer" - small, easy to use and FREE file manager.


With "Flash&Backup" tool you will be able to safely update the firmware and restore an operable configuration even if your Motorola phone doesn't start up anymore.

Tons of Motorola fans and modders all around the world already use this tool to backup settings before uploading new firmware or switching "dangerous" options.


Another FREE "Funlight Editor" tool was designed to help you customize the way your Motorola phone flickers when you receive incoming calls, messages and etc.

You can easily specify the colors to display, change tempo an alter other parameters of flickering.

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